Monday, January 30, 2012

Diiiiiiirty (laundry)

Do you like clothes? Do you buying them, wearing them, and then dropping them off at the wash & fold to pay exorbitant prices for other people to fold your undies? Me too! However, our new apartment actually has laundry in the basement and so it is hard to justify paying around $30 when we could easily use 37 quarters to fold our own undies.

This brings us to: THE HAMPER.
In apartment living, the hamper generally ends up living in your (already crowded) closet or along the wall for easy access, yet valuable space is being taken up by a bag designated for your dirties.

Enter the corner hamper:


Look at how nicely it fits! I am super excited to have a laundry basket that is designed to take up as little room as possible. Plus, it still holds a lot, and the liner is removable to facilitate an easy trip down to the communal laundry room. Now there will be so much more room for shoes, my husband better watch out as his excuse "we don't even have room for the 47 pairs you already own" is now invalid...

**This is from Target, however I could not find a link on their website. I took this picture with my camera phone so it's not as good as I would prefer for an online photo. Oh well. 


  1. The don't carry it anymore ... bummer, that how I found your site. I'm trying to buy one.

  2. That's too bad - I think I bought it almost a year an a half ago, so maybe they just stopped carrying it recently...