Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Kitchen Counters

Kitchen counters in NYC are a precious commodity. You don't realize until you don't have them how handy they come in for preparing food... try preparing a multi-course dinner for friends while using two square feet of counter space to chop and season food, a stove top that doesn't allow for multiples pans to rest evenly and throw in a dish rack (dishwasher? No way, landlords think hand washing is the only way to go) that takes up the other square foot of counter space you have, and you realize why take-out is so important for New Yorkers.

Here is a picture of my last kitchen:

Here is a picture of my new kitchen:

You didn't think it could get smaller, did you?? I didn't either. Did you notice there are no drawers, and the only counter space is actually JUST the the space where the sink is... There was actually SUPPOSED to be a dishwasher, however the sneaky management company decided to remove it without telling us, so those bottom cabinets wouldn't even be there if the dishwasher was installed.

Luckily, someone who obviously lived without counters invented this:

Ta-da! Instant counter and storage space. Now if they only sold it already assembled...
Once the hubs and I put it together, I'll update you on how awesome it is to have rolling counter space and a paper towel holder. Find it here: Napa Kitchen Center

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