Friday, January 20, 2012

The Wino's Dilemma

As many people know, I love me some wine. Wine = good and there is nothing you can say that will change my mind... Unless you are trying to serve me a box of California Chardonnay you bought for $4 dollars and are convinced it is a "really good value, look how many glasses you get out of it!" Please, save that for when your in-laws are in town.

However, loving wine means enjoying it in proper stemware, and wine glass storage in a small apartment tends to be somewhat problematic. Wine glass suppliers have convinced the world that each type of wine needs its own glass, and so your cupboards can get over run with bulbous glasses that cannot be stacked or combined in any other space-saving sort of way. I was at a lovely dinner at a friend's house the other day and he pointed out their ingenious solution - under cabinet wine glass storage:

You see these glass storage racks at numerous bars and restaurants, but I have rarely seen them implemented in apartments. We sadly do not even had the space to hang a glass holder like this, otherwise this would be purchased and hung this afternoon. Instead, my sister gave me this wine glass drying rack, wich we have put to permanent use on our kitchen shelf *:

* shelf = room divider that is meant to be decorative rather than useful

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