Friday, February 24, 2012

1st World Winter Problems: Dry Skin

Well well well, winter has hardly dipped its little toe in NYC this year (yay!), however, I have found one  problem that has persisted through this pleasantly mild winter: Dry Skin.

Waking up with dry, flaky, parched skin and a slightly sore throat is no way to live through 6 months out of the year. Drinking plenty of water and using rich moisturizers can only do so much when there is under 40% humidity outside. My previous apartment had big metal radiators, so I used to leave bowls of water on them and pray my cat didn't drink all the water before it could evaporate and do its job of humidifying our apartment. Buying an ACTUAL humidifier would have been a better solution, however they can be very bulky, expensive, and take up precious floor space.

Enter this cleverly designed tear-drop shaped bad boy:

I love when functional utilitarian objects are re-vamped to be cute. This one is cool mist and whisper-quiet, my two favorite amenities in humidifiers. It works up to 250 sq. ft, which is perfect for a bedroom. My husband might not be so anxious to have a big pink tear drop grace our place, lucky for him it comes in a variety of colors. Save space and my skin? Don't mind if I do!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Keep the doctor away

I love apples. I love how they have their own protective layer and have lots of health benefits, along with an invigorating texture. One day I would like to live on a property that has dozens of apple trees that grow fresh Granny Smith apples that I have spent years cultivating and pruning and perfecting. In the autumn, I will saunter outside, pick out a fresh apple, bite into the crisp starchy refreshing texture and eat it while I literally enjoy the fruits of my labor. Until then, I should be better about keeping them on the counter, in the fridge, or under a pile of other non-food items that go bad before I can dive into my healthy snack.*

Fruit bowls, although very decorative and useful, take up precious counter space. My newest best friend, the fruitstack, solves this problem with eye catching ease:

It is so cute and convenient. Just toss them in and notice the 4" square that is taken up with five whole apples. What??!!! You can have your fruit, display it nicely, save space, and then eat it before it has turned to mush and worm food??? Done!

*This usually happens when we have cheese in the house. Cheese makes a much more creamy, satisfying snack than apples. It also makes for a more creamy, jiggly waistline. I should probably make better decisions when it comes to my eating habits.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hang this!

So I've come to the conclusion that most space saving ideas tend to either organize things in compartments or make the most of your walls by hanging everything. Brilliant! I love this and have found quite a few nicely designed devices to pull this off. This week, here are my faves:

1) Magazine rack/umbrella stand combo

Such a simple yet elegant design. I would put all my Lucky and New York Magazines here. Does it come with the super cute umbrella?

2) Wall Mounted Bike Rack
I have seen this done in many apartments, and I think it is so clever. Get those bikes off the floor and on the wall where they belong, out of the way!

3) Makeshift jewelry box

I saw this at a friend's apartment over the weekend and wish I had thought of it first! Just buy a bunch of little plastic sticky hooks, and voila, your necklaces have a new home.

4) Mop & Broom holder
Although this photo is way too blown out in the green spectrum, it shows how you can get the dirty mops and brooms off the floor and hang them out-of-the-way somewhere. Plus, it's less than $8, double score!