Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hang this!

So I've come to the conclusion that most space saving ideas tend to either organize things in compartments or make the most of your walls by hanging everything. Brilliant! I love this and have found quite a few nicely designed devices to pull this off. This week, here are my faves:

1) Magazine rack/umbrella stand combo

Such a simple yet elegant design. I would put all my Lucky and New York Magazines here. Does it come with the super cute umbrella?

2) Wall Mounted Bike Rack
I have seen this done in many apartments, and I think it is so clever. Get those bikes off the floor and on the wall where they belong, out of the way!

3) Makeshift jewelry box

I saw this at a friend's apartment over the weekend and wish I had thought of it first! Just buy a bunch of little plastic sticky hooks, and voila, your necklaces have a new home.

4) Mop & Broom holder
Although this photo is way too blown out in the green spectrum, it shows how you can get the dirty mops and brooms off the floor and hang them out-of-the-way somewhere. Plus, it's less than $8, double score!

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