Friday, February 17, 2012

Keep the doctor away

I love apples. I love how they have their own protective layer and have lots of health benefits, along with an invigorating texture. One day I would like to live on a property that has dozens of apple trees that grow fresh Granny Smith apples that I have spent years cultivating and pruning and perfecting. In the autumn, I will saunter outside, pick out a fresh apple, bite into the crisp starchy refreshing texture and eat it while I literally enjoy the fruits of my labor. Until then, I should be better about keeping them on the counter, in the fridge, or under a pile of other non-food items that go bad before I can dive into my healthy snack.*

Fruit bowls, although very decorative and useful, take up precious counter space. My newest best friend, the fruitstack, solves this problem with eye catching ease:

It is so cute and convenient. Just toss them in and notice the 4" square that is taken up with five whole apples. What??!!! You can have your fruit, display it nicely, save space, and then eat it before it has turned to mush and worm food??? Done!

*This usually happens when we have cheese in the house. Cheese makes a much more creamy, satisfying snack than apples. It also makes for a more creamy, jiggly waistline. I should probably make better decisions when it comes to my eating habits.

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