Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Magazine rack re-dux

One of my favorite things is researching ways to re-purpose items that seem to only have one use and voila, totally creative idea you never would have thought of yourself! I have to credit Pinterest with many of the ideas, but I especially liked these pins I found for magazine bins:

Just a little of that double-sided-sticky-foam-tape and you have a great way to organize all those stupid boxes that take up so much space in your kitchen drawer. Especially when you only have a drawer or two, you realize just how valuable they REALLY are. Since drawers are at a premium in my apartment (see post "240 sq-ft is way too small") this idea really frees up some space and makes use of cabinet doors which are untapped gold mines for space saving.

Here is a second magazine rack use:

Turn a wire mesh magazine rack on its side and add two pins through the opening and you have a great canned food holder. Bring on the zombie apocalypse, my canned food is ready to go! It always amazes me how many people come up with these simple but super useful ideas and how utterly fantastic they are... Perhaps someday they will create an entire magazine dedicated to these sorts of things?

Friday, August 3, 2012

Mason Jars: My new best friend

I have recently discovered a new obsession: mason jars. This discovery is about 30 years too late in my life, although, better late than never. They literally cost $1.15 EVEN IN MANHATTAN and can do the job of almost any other container. Coffee mug? Check. Peanut butter jar? Check. Soap dispenser? Check. Makeshift wine glass when all the other ones are dirty and you NEED wine RIGHT now? Check and check. I have pretty much switched every container in my house to a mason jar. Bonus you can decorate them however you want - a little craft paint and maybe a ribbon or two, and voila, fancy gifts for the holidays... I may have even made my own body scrub and given it to my mom for Mother's day (mason jar, you really are a catch all, aren't you??!!)

My favorite use, however, is this crafty little space saver for the bathroom. This takes a little work and maybe a power drill, but it clears a lot of counter space in the bathroom AND makes your bathroom even cuter:

Liz Marie was kind enough to show via photo the step-by-step process for making the little jar holder on her blog, and she seems to love mason jars just as much as me. The extra-nice part about this idea is that it's totally customizable - the wood length, paint color, quantity of jars, etc. are all exactly to your specifications. Do you have a hot pink bathroom? Ta da, easy to match! Love spots? Polka dots rule.

I like to imagine when I finally make my own is that I will create a tiny Sephora in my bathroom, with jars of makeup applicators and cotton balls beyond my wildest dream.** I've come to terms that most space saving ideas are hung on the wall, and I will forever be finding new ways to hang everything on cute boards or magnets.

**The one nice thing about our tiny apt is that I have my own bathroom where I can do things like this and not wonder all the time if my husband minds. Since I'm a total beauty/hair addict, each new purchase brings pangs of "Will this be the straw that broke the camel's back? Will my 5th conditioner finally crack his laid back veneer?" I don't want to come home to my stuff packed away in boxes and him yelling "It's just too much! How can anyone need so much shampoo!!? I'm done with this crazy bathroom, I've decided to take it back as a man-cave!"