Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A wall mount that works

On a recent trip to Target, I bought these cute little $10 shelves that I planned to put up in the kitchen  to add a little extra space for Ipads/spices/jars/etc... But mainly to put my Ipad on the wall as I have no room in the kitchen to prop it up and read recipes. Drill the wall, pop on the wood, and voila, perfect tiny shelf.


What happened next was what I like to call the great-husband-anger-inciter-incident of 2012. How hard could one little shelf be to install? Apparently equally as hard as getting customer service to help you with an Apple product if you don't have AppleCare. Angry mutterings, cursing and wall hitting ensued, until the shelves went directly into the garbage and Target was banned from selling me any such shelves ever again.

Cut to another trip on a plane where I was stuck without anything to read during the ascent, and SkyMall was just beckoning for me to  read about all the wonderful inventions that can't be sold anywhere on the ground. Flipping through, I found this, this and most notably this which almost made me pee my pants and wonder who buys this stuff. However, I did spy one useful gadget that would most certainly solve my kitchen shelving problem. The Koala Ipad Mount is made specifically to mount  a tablet or phone on the wall to free up your hands and table space:

Catalog photo

real-time photo

The two little plastic pieces are engineered to hold a device securely while heavy duty wall stickers (most notable for hanging college dorm art) on the back for easy installation and easy removal that causes no damage to the walls. This is important, because we now have two holes in the wall from drilling that we need to spackle over to cover the damage. I installed the Koala mount myself, and it was pretty easy... Just place the Ipad in the mounts for correct spacing, remove adhesive protectors, push against the wall for 60 seconds and voila, installed. I actually downloaded an App with a level to make sure it was even, and that made it super quick. Now all my recipes are right at eye level and out of the way, so thank you SkyMall for having something other than this type of gadget to purchase!