Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Wrapping Things Up

Wow, it is December ALREADY, which is what I say every single year. So far, my credit card is toning up as it will be getting a work out this month with all the holiday shopping I have yet to do. After the shopping comes the dreaded chore of wrapping everything so your significant other doesn't see all the stuff you bought them, especially when most of it is made up of scarves and socks (why are guys so hard to shop for!!!????)

For the last few years, I have kept all my wrapping paper in a corner that somehow falls down every time I walk past it. This year, I totally want to implement THIS idea in the apartment:

Use the top of a closet or small nook, cut off two pieces of strings and use the ceiling as your storage area. Brilliant! Plus, it seems like you can grab each individual roll and without having to move all the other ones in the process. I also like this under bed storage if you don't have enough ceiling space:

I love how you can add little boxes to keep the ribbons/tape/scissors organized too. Organized wrapping materials = less work to do Christmas Eve and more enjoyable wine drinking time.

And if you are really OCD about wrapping, here is a cute picture I found on Pinterest which shows all different unique wrapping items:

Now, if only I could find presents that all fit in perfectly square boxes, we would be all set.

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