Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Clip Tree

So, dear readers, you are probably well aware of my obsession with saving space by putting things on the wall. The issue is, most things that hang on walls are either hooks or shelves, very few promise to do both. You might also get hang-crazy and create a cluttered wall space - necklaces, scarves, earrings, gloves, stuffed animals, postcards, wine, you name it and it's all over your wall!!! Here comes a new design that promises to make the most of well designed wall space:

This genius little wall device has shelves, clips, hooks, loops and other hanging mechanisms you can use - all easily adjustable and replaceable to your whim and desire. Need more hooks for coats? Done. Need more shelves for knick knacks? Boom. Each set comes with two clip trees, so you can play around with the arrangements. These babies don't come cheap, but they are an investment in space saving a minimal design whimsy.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Micro-studios, now a reality

So, Mayor Bloomberg announced the winning design of the "Micro-unit" apartment contest that are supposed to address the city's apparent shortage of studio/1-bedroom apartments:

Micro-unit floor plan

Although I applaud Mayor Bloomberg for trying to address an issue he feels merits his involvement, is making smaller apartments really the answer? The city has a shortage of studios & one-bedroom apartments? I feel like all I ever see on craigslist are ads for one bedroom or studio apartments because once people start relationships, maybe even have a kid, they skedattle right over to Brooklyn, Queens or NJ because 300 sq feet is just not enough room for a family. I understand he is trying to offer more affordable housing for people who don't make a squillion dollars a year, but how about we address the issue that only 17% of households in Manhattan have children in them, and that "middle class" income can be considered up to an astounding $235,000/yr - anywhere else in the country and you are living the easy life on that kind of salary. Sometimes I feel like I'm in a bad relationship with Manhattan - I love it to death for no discernible reason other than it gives back bright lights, convenience in buying food, groan inducing kitchen sizes and a somewhat easier commute to work. 


Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Girl With the Tiny Apartment Tattoo

So here is a cool apartment layout in the top floor of a building in Stockholm, Sweden. Apparently, they only renovated the kitchen and bathroom when they moved in. What I like about this apartment, besides that it is clean and shiny looking, is that they really made use of the space well. Even though the bed looks like it might be a single (?) it is laid out so that you can see the tv from the bed and the sofa. The kitchen area makes the most of a nook corner space, and the little bistro table gets a lot of light as well as easy access to the kitchen (in case you need to leave a tray or bowl to grab if it doesn't fit on the table). Quite honestly, it looks like the cabinet under the television is the only storage area (no closets!), so I have no idea where they store their clothes. Maybe in a roll out storage container under the bed? I love the minimalist design, but having absolutely NO storage space would drive me nuts. 

Monday, January 7, 2013

Zen and the art of beauty-style maintenance

I love those shower spigots that are supposed to simulate rain - they are so calming and make your shower feel much more relaxing. The water pours over your head in a a soothing stream instead of rushing down in sometimes painful bursts.

Now imagine you had this bathroom, and your bathtub had an enormous rain spigot AND a completely separate shower with exposed rock work to maximize the relaxing, calm vibe of the bathroom? Awesome.

However, I do feel like using the tub in this room would feel like you were bathing in an enormous bowl of rice. That's just me though. 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Green kitchen islands make me happy

I generally don't like blogging about custom furniture that you have to install yourself (not realistic when you are renting) but I just thought this was such a cute rolling cart space saver, that it would be a good piece of furniture to tuck away when I actually CAN do my own remodeling. Plus it looks so sturdy and I love that the top is matching marble.

The lime green paint probably wouldn't have been my first go-to color choice, but it has grown on me. Citrus fruits have made their way into more of my cooking lately, and I have especially embraced limes more than ever. Now that I've looked at this picture for a few days, I actually think it's a really cute color to add a splash of happy to the kitchen area. I once heard it's bad Feng Shui to paint kitchens yellow - apparently the color is some kind of anger trigger and most domestic arguments start in the kitchen, so no yellow in the kitchen.*
HOWEVER, no one ever said adorable-hideaway-rolling-kitchen-carts start domestic arguments, just make sure you inform your partner before committing to purchasing a used kitchen cart that you have to go pick up from a stranger from Craigslist on New Year's Eve, pay them cash and carry it home by yourselves.

* This paint color advice comes from hearsay and so if you want to paint your kitchen cheery bright yellow, go right ahead.