Thursday, January 3, 2013

Green kitchen islands make me happy

I generally don't like blogging about custom furniture that you have to install yourself (not realistic when you are renting) but I just thought this was such a cute rolling cart space saver, that it would be a good piece of furniture to tuck away when I actually CAN do my own remodeling. Plus it looks so sturdy and I love that the top is matching marble.

The lime green paint probably wouldn't have been my first go-to color choice, but it has grown on me. Citrus fruits have made their way into more of my cooking lately, and I have especially embraced limes more than ever. Now that I've looked at this picture for a few days, I actually think it's a really cute color to add a splash of happy to the kitchen area. I once heard it's bad Feng Shui to paint kitchens yellow - apparently the color is some kind of anger trigger and most domestic arguments start in the kitchen, so no yellow in the kitchen.*
HOWEVER, no one ever said adorable-hideaway-rolling-kitchen-carts start domestic arguments, just make sure you inform your partner before committing to purchasing a used kitchen cart that you have to go pick up from a stranger from Craigslist on New Year's Eve, pay them cash and carry it home by yourselves.

* This paint color advice comes from hearsay and so if you want to paint your kitchen cheery bright yellow, go right ahead.

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