Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Micro-studios, now a reality

So, Mayor Bloomberg announced the winning design of the "Micro-unit" apartment contest that are supposed to address the city's apparent shortage of studio/1-bedroom apartments:

Micro-unit floor plan

Although I applaud Mayor Bloomberg for trying to address an issue he feels merits his involvement, is making smaller apartments really the answer? The city has a shortage of studios & one-bedroom apartments? I feel like all I ever see on craigslist are ads for one bedroom or studio apartments because once people start relationships, maybe even have a kid, they skedattle right over to Brooklyn, Queens or NJ because 300 sq feet is just not enough room for a family. I understand he is trying to offer more affordable housing for people who don't make a squillion dollars a year, but how about we address the issue that only 17% of households in Manhattan have children in them, and that "middle class" income can be considered up to an astounding $235,000/yr - anywhere else in the country and you are living the easy life on that kind of salary. Sometimes I feel like I'm in a bad relationship with Manhattan - I love it to death for no discernible reason other than it gives back bright lights, convenience in buying food, groan inducing kitchen sizes and a somewhat easier commute to work. 


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