Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Girl With the Tiny Apartment Tattoo

So here is a cool apartment layout in the top floor of a building in Stockholm, Sweden. Apparently, they only renovated the kitchen and bathroom when they moved in. What I like about this apartment, besides that it is clean and shiny looking, is that they really made use of the space well. Even though the bed looks like it might be a single (?) it is laid out so that you can see the tv from the bed and the sofa. The kitchen area makes the most of a nook corner space, and the little bistro table gets a lot of light as well as easy access to the kitchen (in case you need to leave a tray or bowl to grab if it doesn't fit on the table). Quite honestly, it looks like the cabinet under the television is the only storage area (no closets!), so I have no idea where they store their clothes. Maybe in a roll out storage container under the bed? I love the minimalist design, but having absolutely NO storage space would drive me nuts. 

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