Thursday, February 14, 2013

Unfortunately not the passageway to Narnia

I always love furniture that has two uses. An ottoman that is also a storage container? Yes! A coffee table that is also a magazine holder? I'll take two! However, I found this mirror that opens into an entire accessory wardrobe and immediately tried to find one on the internet where I could pay for one with my credit card and it would happily come live in my apartment. HOWEVER, this nifty, awesome, useful mirror only appears to exist on the internet and not in real life. Perhaps in my travels I will make friends with a carpenter and they can build me one from scratch. 

IT IS TOO CONVENIENT for words and so therefore not available for purchase. Sort of like the disappearance of stamp machines at the post office. I think the head post master was like "Hmm, these stamp machines are making it way too easy for people to come in and out of our institution without having to stand in line and get mad at old people that have to mail 37 packages and each one needs to be re-addressed because they are unreadable. Be gone, convenience, be gone!"