Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I wish all furniture did this

In all of my browsings and findings* on the internet about small space solutions, I think this furniture may be the ultimate design of form and function:

Seriously, I want everything this company makes. It truly is designed to solve spacial problems, as well as the convenience of letting you still live your life. WHo wants a Murphy bed if you have to move everything out of the way every night? who wants a bunk bed if you don't feel the beds are secure and comfortable? There is apparently a showroom in midtown, and I may just be visiting it this weekend. Good design comes with a cost, but if it makes your living space that much more doable, it is certainly a worthy investment. 

*Thanks Maia!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

loose paperwork is never fun

So as  person who seems to FOREVER be stashing piles of paperwork, menus, loose note paper and all other items of flat non-importance around the house, I came across this nifty idea and am in love:

Staples will forever be my hero for providing teaming up with Martha Stewart to create these cute blue sleeves. Just use some double stick tape on the inside of your cabinet, and OMG, you have a nice organized, easily accessible paper holder that takes up almost no room at all! Especially in the kitchen with all the loose menus that I insist on keeping (but never use because SeamlessWeb is just so much easier to order from) will now be all cleaned up and clutter free!