Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I want this for my next tea party

One could argue this post is more about good design, rather than apartment solutions, however, I feel this mug solves a problem I have every Saturday morning - where do I put my spoon? Every Saturday, when the hubs and I are enjoying our coffee and possibly an episode of Supernatural (although that is getting less and less these days - that show needed to come to thrilling yet heart warming resolution like 2 seasons ago) we always end up using a paper towel to place our coffee spoon on after its done it's job stirring up our wonderful caffeine fix. I feel the paper towel solution bit is a little wasteful, but we don't have saucers for our coffee mugs (what is this, 1911 England???)

Well well well, someone else was having this issue too, although they decided to do something about it rather than just note in their head every week: 

Although the spoon still stays inside the mug, at least it has a little home and doesn't clatter around and hit you in the face while you are taking a sip. This feels a little like something Brookstone would carry (right next to this and of course this) since it is so problem specific, but I still like that someone problem solved away their coffe mug dilemas.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Things can always be worse

Like the old adage says, never feel sorry for yourself because someone always has it worse than you. I like to think that my apartment falls into the super small category and I have to deal with things like no room for cleaning supplies, lack of counter space and nowhere to put my shoes, however this blog really highlights some bad apartments. For example ANY OF THESE apartment listings are horrendous, and apparently actually exist in NYC. This is my favorite one:

God help all apartment hunting individuals in that their search yields better results than any of these.