Friday, September 13, 2013

Baby Edition!

Alright, so we are about a week away from meeting Little O in person, and have finally got the apartment is a somewhat organized fashion to welcome him home. Here are some pictures/ideas of what my mom, mother-in-law and I came up with to maximize the space...

So this is what I have dubbed the "nursery nook" which includes the bassinet (filled with stuff so the cat doesn't make it her permanent sleeping spot), a dresser/changing table and a shelf with all the diaper changing amenities. I also decided to add a large hook to the wall to put the boppy up & away from the floor. 

Here is a close up of the changing shelf - notice the light under the shelf - this was an ingenious idea I got from the nice couple who sold me the dresser... They said to put a sticky light under a shelf so that you can do midnight changings without having to turn a big light on, which will hopefully let the baby continue in a half sleep and he won't wake up all the way every time you have to change him. We'll see if this works!

So here we cleared out old Christmas decorations/purses I no longer use and made a little parking area for the stroller. Since we have a second entrance (that we have used twice since moving in) we thought this would be a great way not to have to roll the stroller throughout the entire apartment and it will still be out of the way. Otherwise we would have had to put it in the kitchen, and it just would have made it even more cramped. 

Hooks, my favorite things ever: Here we added another large hook to the closet for the diaper bags... they have their own little place and will be easy to snatch up and be on our way out the door. 

We were able to fit in his swing next to the couch, so hopefully he will be able to snooze in his little swing while we enjoy the couch and some snoozing ourselves. FINGERS CROSSED

And last but not least we have this wonderful hand me down rocker from a co-worker - this chair is so comfortable! We replaced the cushions to give it a "fresh" start and the rocking motion alongside the ottoman will hopefully also make feeding time more enjoyable. However, it looks like someone else may have already laid claim to this chair...

Syd says "It's mine, get off"
Notice we have already laid a towel down to TRY and keep a lid on the cat hair. 
Yeah right. 

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