Monday, September 15, 2014

Rubiks Cube of Sofas

OMG, we are moving to a bigger place.

Whoa, whoa...What???!!!!

It's not that much bigger, however it does have a second bedroom so I am psyched about that. Not that having Ryan in the room with us is bad, it's just that sneaking into your own bedroom with flashlights for a full year and waking every time he moves around has been pretty depleting to my sleep. Man, little babies make a lot of noises while they are dreaming about boobs.

We will not be buying much new furniture, but we will be needing a new couch at some point. OURS IN COVERED IN BABY DROOL AND SPILLED STUFF.  Whatevs, it's what happens when you have a tiny person who can't control their heads suddenly move in with you. I am coveting this as its replacement:

A modular sofa

Its arms become adorable additional seating

I mean seriously, how awesome is this? I am curious how comfortable it is to lean against when all the pieces are together, and if there are any notches that lets it kind of snuggle together and not move apart when there is weight on it, but I would love this for a small space. Then you could get a total is 5 PEOPLE to be able to sit in your place. It would be like an auditorium!